Client: Credit Card Issuer

Assignment: Enable All Customer Service Requests To Be Handled Without Handoffs

Result: With Access To All Customer History, Each Response Is Quick, Easy, Accurate and Pleasant

Effectively Applied IT Result Examples

Below are a few examples of outcome-driven IT investment and the results that can be achieved using this progressive IT governance approach. 

Client: Major Credit Card Issuer

Assignment: Eliminate Delays, Error Prone Customer Service and Costs Due To Manual Document Handling

Result: Award-Winning Customer Service

Implement Responsive Data Warehouse

Client: Major Credit Card Issuer

Assignment: Target IT To Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity While Volumes Increase

Result: Continuously Improving Cost/Productivity Per Account

Client: Financial Service Enterprise

Assignment: Eliminate The Lag Time To Perform Business/Client Analyses

Result: Better Competitive Decisions Made Faster

Implement Business Process Mapping

Client: Two Financial Service Enterprises

Assignment: Target IT Changes/Investments To Specific Strategic Outcomes

Result: Continuously Improving Focus On Achieving Strategic Goals/Performance

 "Best Practice" Change Introduction Process

Client: Major Customer Call Center Operations Firm

Assignment: Improve Available Capacity and Call Volume Effectiveness Through Advanced Forecasting Techniques

Result: Available Capacity Always In Balance With Best Customer Treatment

Technical Impact®
Improving strategic business performance through technology

Improve Call Center Effectiveness Through Forecasting

Client: Major Financial Service Enterprise

Assignment: Eliminate Delays/Poor Customer Service Caused By Disconnected Functional Processes

Result: Continuously Improving Customer Service/Measures/Targets

Improve Productivity While Adding Processing Capacity

Implement Document Imaging

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"Best Practice" Change Introduction Process

​Implement Universal Customer Service System

Implement Progressive IT Asset Management Program