“Al Kuebler does a great job of demystifying IT for business owners like me who don’t have a technical background. I recommend that entrepreneurs read this book to understand what they need from technology, and how to get it.”

Vendor Management

  • If you want an IT position dealing with strategic issues...

         See Chapter 17:
        “If You Want to Land the Right Position, Ask the Right Questions”
         Chart: Targeting Your IT Progress

  • If you always want more IT career opportunities...

          See Chapter 29: “Career Craft”
          Chart: Preparation, Position and Perseverance

“If you read only one chapter, make it, ‘What Are You Doing for Me and Why Don’t I Know It?’ It’s right on the money. As Kuebler puts it, our primary function in IT is to directly understand what the business does and needs and communicate what IT is doing for it.”
                                                                                                     Ray Crescenzi, Senior Vice President,
                                                                                                     ABN AMRO Bank


This Amazon best-selling 4th edition of Technical Impact will simply provide you with four things:

  • Proven ways to make the contribution of the IT function as beneficial as possible to the business it serves;
  • Proven ways to ensure that the IT function is fully recognized for the positive impact it has on business performance;
  • Enough explicit examples to instill confidence that these approaches are doable in any IT organization; and
  • Advice on how to get started, even though you have no buy-in except your own.
  • If you want to know how your IT function can continuously improve...

            See Chapter 10: “Chasing Perfection”
            Chart: Value-Focused Continuous Improvement

  •   If you want your IT function to adopt a best practices program...

            See Chapter 14: “Getting the Best out of Best Practices”
            Chart: Say What You Do. Do What You Say. Prove It. Improve It.

  •   If you want to see IT quality as an inherent part of IT’s results...

            See Chapter 21: “The Case for Quality”
            Chart: IT Delighting Customers = IT Quality

Strategic Integration

Todd Feldman, Founder and President

Bob Boor, Chief Technology Officer
Royal Bank of Scotland Group



“Finally a book that makes excellence in IT understandable and achievable. I talk to CIOs on a regular basis about bringing greater value to their organization. I'm convinced that the CIOs that "really get it and do it," must have read this book. This book breathes life into the concept that IT is not about bits and bytes. It lays out an excellent roadmap to help any organization transform a cost center to a cost avoider and value adder. In addition, it provides sage advice on a personal level for career development including how to pick the right employer! It is a must read not only for IT professionals but also for any business leader (or soon to be leader).”

Building Your Information Technology (IT) Career
Effective Information Technology (IT) Leadership

Technical Impact®
Improving strategic business performance through technology 

Preston W. Blevins, Author
"Food Safety Regulatory Compliance"

  •  If you want your suggested IT investments to be understood...

             See Chapter 8: “You Don’t Think You Need Buy-In?”
             Chart: It's About the Shareholder

  •   If your business leaders don’t understand the value of IT...

             See Chapter 9: “A Tale of Two CIOs”
             Chart: Team Conduct is an IT Leadership Principle

  •   If you want to commercialize your IT function...

              See Chapter 18: “There's No Lasting Change Without Buy-in”
              Chart: Commercializing the IT Function


Reader Comments

“Al Kuebler's book, "Technical Impact" will help you keep IT relevant and make your career count. The book is brief and as an illustration of its effectiveness—uses flowcharts and a 'book map' which allows you to jump right to the page that covers what you want to do at your company—say, commercialize an IT function.”
                                                                                                      CIO Magazine

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No Surprises

  • If you want to know why technical proficiency will never be enough...

             See Chapter 30:
             “Getting the Career You Want By Developing Your Business Value”

Chrys Varnes, Principal
Xerox Global Services

  • If you want your IT vendors to be as concerned about your enterprise's success as you are...

           See Chapter 6: “Just Nuke ’em”
           Chart: Vendor Relationship Management 101

Aligning Expectations

Jerry Morin, Account Executive,
More Direct

“This book is full of practical IT management strategies. The first 5-9 chapters really hit home. I bought 3 more copies and sent them to my VP, CIO and president. The great insight on pages 12 and 13 reinforce the many strategic solutions provided.”

  •  If you want to be certain that IT's value is understood by each member of your IT team...

              See Chapter 2:
              “What Are You Doing For Me, and Why Don't I Know It?”
              Chart: Your IT Team’s Efforts Matter, So Connect

  •   If you never want to take an IT customer survey again...

              See Chapter 4: “What My Clients Taught Me”
              Chart: Your Last IT Services Client Survey

  •   If you want to communicate IT in simple business terms...

              See Chapter 7:
              “Tell Your Story Plain to Win Over the Business Managers”
              Chart: Use IT's Benefits to Win Over Others

  •   If you want to get a handle on your IT services function in business-relevant terms...

              See Chapter 28: “IT Gets Its Report Card”
              Chart: The IT Application Process
              Chart: Mapping the IT World
              Chart: Targeting Your Management Factors
              Chart: A Client Relationship Management Culture
              Chart: Commercializing IT Services

“Al Kuebler makes a strong case for the importance of life-long learning, and then offers the reader a high impact short course to becoming the IT business partner organizations need and the leader people deserve, as well as finding the route to a successful IT career. Here is the means to shorten your learning curve and drive top-level outcomes for you, your team and your business.”


Your Information Technology Management Factors

Book Reviews

While many reader comments are available on Amazon.com, these reviews might also be helpful:

Where To Purchase

Political Games

  • If you want to outperform politics...

              See Chapter 12: “Of Operators and Performers”
              Chart: Get What You and Your Team Deserve


“Al Kuebler shows IT managers at all levels how to communicate the benefits of IT in business terms. He also shows business leaders what they can expect from an effective IT management function. If you want to save money while growing your enterprise with IT, you’ll want to get and use the knowledge in this book.”

“An easy-to-read, invaluable guide to highly effective strategic, proactive IT leadership. A no-nonsense must read to help IT managers add value for their customers by avoiding cost, improving service and increasing revenue, while at the same time dramatically improving their own leadership effectiveness. A critical tool for the career growth and development, and the career longevity, of IT managers and leaders.”

Best Practices

  • If you want IT to be an active contributor to the business...

              See Chapter 3: “Reactive Bystander, or Proactive Partner”
              Chart: Great IT Relationships Start With Initiative

Walter Polsky, President
Cambridge Human Resources Group

  • If you want to create an attraction strategy for your corporate IT function...

          See Chapter 24: “IT Makeover: Creating an Attraction Strategy”

  • If you want to avoid the most important risk facing you as you build out your relationship management team...

          See Chapter 26: “Putting the 'B' in BRM”

The collective use and adaptation of these lessons has an important outcome: an IT function that is continuously improving its effectiveness to the enterprise to help it become ever more competitive.

More importantly, the book explains how IT professionals and general managers can use collaboration, communication and persuasion to do that.

More than technology itself, it is about continuously improving IT-business relationships through active interest, involvement and initiative. Unlike the ever-changing world of technology, these principles do not change.

It will also give IT professionals insight into ways to make their IT career last and make it count, remain enthusiastic about their contributions and improve their sense of accomplishment and reward.

  --Al Kuebler

The North part of this chart shows those IT management factors that create the proper linked-destiny relationship between the business units and IT to jointly improve business and strategic performance as team partners.

The South part shows those IT management factors which create the proper commercialized direction of the IT management function.

Why each of these IT management factors needs attention and what their outcomes increasingly need to be, is addressed in Technical Impact. 

Book Map To Your IT Management Factors



  • If you don’t want IT surprises after an acquisition...

              See Chapter 16: “Merry Widow in the Land of Milk & Honey”
              Chart: Acquisitions Without IT Surprises

This book is available in print and Kindle versions on Amazon.com here.

Suggested Syllabi Using "Technical Impact"

Gayle Magee, Senior Faculty
The Center For Creative Leadership

“This tremendously useful guide illustrates how customer satisfaction and bottom-line results are enhanced through effective leveraging of the IT function. Al Kuebler provides a roadmap that fosters company-wide collaboration while empowering IT professionals to actively contribute to overall business strategy and leadership.”

Attraction Strategy

  • If you want to remain current on emerging tools, techniques and technologies...

              See Chapter 23: “Directing Discovery”
              Chart: Change Happens. Don't React to It, Lead It.

  • If you want IT to develop new ways to satisfy clients wants and needs, profitably...

              See Chapter 25: “Leading the Business to Better Ways”
              Chart: Building Creative Focus and Momentum

  • If you want to avoid a career limiting position in IT management...

              See Chapter 11: “The CIO You Don’t Want to Be”
              Chart: Interest + Involvement + Initiative = Ally

  •   If you think all IT expertise is at corporate and not in the business units...

              See Chapter 13:
              “Can We Please Get Everyone to Speak the Same Language?”
              Chart: IT Progress Without Duplicate Investment

  •   If you want your IT function to create ways to increase revenue...

              See Chapter 19:
              “The Techies Are Going to Tell Me How to Make Money?”
              Chart: IT as a Partner in New Business Growth

  • If you want to build a creative IT organization...

              See Chapter 15: “Leading by Letting Go”
              Chart: Creative IT Organization Formula

“Al Kuebler’s priorities—partnership and involvement with those who need IT leadership—and his approach of delivering value through IT and keeping things simple and practical changed my approach to business. By following the principles that Al conveys, you will be better able to use IT for competitive advantage, and ROI will be much more directly achievable. His is advice that transcends industry specialty or professional discipline. The knowledge in this book will make your cost for IT ever more productive.”

  •  If you want simple ways to keep your focus on strategy and your team’s future...​             
            See Chapter 5: “Four Practical Practices”
Chart: Stay Close To Your Strategy and Your Team

 Abe Eshkenazi, Chief Executive Officer,


  • If you want to know what IT’s value proposition is...

             See Chapter 1: “Being a Proactive Leader: The Value Proposition”
             Chart: The IT Value Proposition

  •   If you want a framework to strategically integrate your IT function...

             See Chapter 20: “A Measure of Success”
             Chart: Investing in IT for Business Success

  •   If you want your IT investment program will improve strategic performance...

             See Chapter 22: “Finance Matters”
             Chart: Which IT Investment is Most Compelling?

  •   If you want to be certain that the strategic engine of your enterprise is headed in   the right direction...

             See Chapter 25: “To Whom Should the CIO Report?”
             ChartCIO Means: C-Level Position

Team Focus